April 2024 Board Meeting Agenda

NFCDC Board of Directors
Board Meeting
April 29, 2024

Call to Order:
Tom Wheeler called the meeting to order at 5:50 p.m.
Roll Call:
Tom Wheeler, Sandy Chaille, Cathey Thornburg, Matt Henderson, Christina McDonald, Cindy Quigley, Mary Proper, Donna Henderson.
Public Comment:
Jason Neville is interested in being on the board and currently the POA President and think it is good to be involved.
Additions to the agenda:
Appointment of member
Women’s Club payment for cancelled meetings
Approval of the agenda:
Cathey Thornburg motioned to approve the agenda with addition of two items, seconded by Matt Henderson. MC
Approval of the minutes:
Financial Reports:
Sandy Chaille motioned to accept the financial reports, seconded by Mary Proper. MC
Donna Henderson will retire on July 1, 2024, doing the financials. Training will occur May 1, 2024, and the new person Laurie Miller.
Corresponding Secretary/Membership Report:
Donna Henderson reported we received $377.00 in membership at the annual meeting and did receive a few the week before.
Old Business:
• NFCP Update-Table.
• CDC Update-Table.
-History Group/Lot 11 Transfer Update-Cathey Thornburg has not received the land
records documents yet from the county.
-POA Update- CDC will need to reimburse the POA work from 2021 from the install.
Jason Neville work charged shouldn’t be from the POA but from the NFCDC. Donna
Henderson explained Fred Faysal is the water guy and he gets $600.00 per month
for water testing and water testing company has a fee also. Jason Neville, there
should be some shared cost on some of the utilities and what to properly charge.
Still needs to be repaired and John Reed had done the work and is responsible for it.
Matt Henderson will do the research and figure out the issue (Septic lift system,
error messaging).
-Grounds maintenance-Table.
• Signage-Donna and Matt Henderson will coordinate with Central Sierra, Inc. Discussed the NFCDC cover the cost of the Rd. 225 sign and individual owners cover their driveways as well as their business sign on the main sign on Rd 225.
• Bylaws-Special meeting, May 16, 2024, at 5:30 p.m.
• Goals-Table.
-New Goal considerations-Table.
-Mill Site development-Table.
-CDC Building Vision-Table.
-Purpose of the building-Table.
• Eastern Madera County Foundation-Table.
New Business:
-Appointment of member- Sandy Chaille motioned to appoint for a one-year period (March
2024 to March 2025) Jason Neville, seconded by Cathey Thornburg. MC
-Election of Officers-Tabled.
-Have employee create agenda-Tabled.
-Legal Bill for Dan-Tabled.
-Office Space-Tabled.
-Women’s Club payment for cancelled meetings-Sandy Chaille motioned to approve the
payment, seconded by Matt Henderson. MC
Organization Reports:
Kick off Dinner went well. Earth Day good turnout. Upcoming Pow Wows coming up and men’s fastpitch on Memorial Day Weekend.
Christina McDonald motioned to adjourn at 7:10 p.m., seconded by Mary Proper. MC
Next Board Meeting: 5/20/2024

Minutes submitted by Christina McDonald, NFCDC Board Member

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