CDC History

The North Fork CDC was incorporated in June of 1994 to serve as an umbrella organization to develop and improve North Fork California. Use the links above to browse the many ongoing and past projects of the North Fork CDC.

The primary project of the CDC is the North Fork Mill Site Reuse Project designed to convert the former South Fork Sawmill into economically productive and environmentally safe property. More on the former mill>>>

In early 1997, the North Fork CDC negotiated donation of the 135 acre mill site, which had been closed and abandoned, to the community of North Fork through the Madera County Redevelopment Agency.

The County was holding the site for North Fork in trust designating the CDC as managers.

In May of 1998, through a collaborative effort with the North Fork Chamber of Commerce, the CDC was awarded a USDA Rural Development grant, which allowed CDC to undertake planning of infrastructure, preliminary marketing, and to survey local employment and income problems.

In January of 1999, the CDC renovated the old mill office and moved onto the mill site along with several of the other civic organizations in town. This was accomplished with a great deal of local volunteer effort, the work of 30 Americorps volunteers, and workers from the California Department of Forestry Inmate Work Crew program and grant funds from USDA Rural Development.

In 2006, Madera County transferred title to the site to the CDC with the understanding that the CDC will continue the clean up process and will meet all County requirements for public works projects.

In 2008, a major demolition and remediation project was completed at the Mill Site. Asbestos and lead paint was removed from the kiln buildings and the buildings were demolished. This project cost approximately $800,000 and was funded by a combination of an EPA grant ($200,000) and a Brownfields loan ($600,000).