4/25/22 CDC Board Meeting Notes

North Fork Community Development Council Minutes of Board Meeting
April 25, 2022
5:30 p.m. via Zoom

  1. Call to Order: The NF CDC Board Meeting was called to order by Vice President, Maryann Welton at 5:30 p.m.   Present:  Maryanne Welton, Wade Wheeler, Sandy Chaille, Barbara Colliander, Cathey Thornburg, Matt Henderson, Angeline DeHart, Jennifer Casner.  A quorum was present.  Guests:  Donna Henderson, Doug Waltner, Michael Olwyler, Nick DeHart.
  1. Additions to the Agenda: Add election of member at large.
  2. Approval of the Agenda:  Cathey Thornburg moved, Sandy Chaille seconded to approve the agenda.  Motion carried. 
  3. Public Comment:  Donna Henderson made preliminary comments about leasing an office, which will become a later agenda item.
  4. Approval of Minutes of March 21, 2022, Regular Board Meeting:  Sandy Chaille moved, Wade Wheeler seconded, to approve the minutes of the March 21st meeting.  Motion carried. 
  5. Financial Report for March 2022:  The financial report was sent out by Sandy Chaille, and is posted on the website.  The balance in the CDC account on March 31, 2022, is $122,907.60.  The balance in the POA account on March 31, 2022, is $13,392.16.  It was noted that since then, there has been a significant deposit as the result of closing on the sale of Lots 13, 14, 15.  Matt Henderson moved, Sandy Chaille seconded, to accept the financial report.  Motion carried. 
  6. Corresponding Secretary/Membership Report:  Donna Henderson reported membership to date.  It was suggested that we send out invoices again for the organizations.
  7. Discussion and Action Items:
  1. Old Business
  1. Biomass plant—update:  Wade Wheeler reported that not much is happening at this time.  However, the water and sewer to Lots 16 and 17 are completed.
  2. Land sales – status of escrow for lots 13, 14, 15:  This was completed and the money is in the bank!
  3. Lease buyout – Outlot B:  It was agreed that we should wait for further discussion on this until the President, Dan Rosenberg returns.  He has had conversations with a variety of people on this piece of property.  It was noted that there is an interested buyer, who is willing to buy Outlot B from the CDC and will continue to carry the lease that NFCP has for that same property.  More discussion on this to come.  Wade Wheeler reminded us that the board, as a whole, is to make decisions, and not hold off making decisions because one person can’t attend the meeting.  Technically, if one person is absent, that does not necessarily preclude the board from making decisions, unless there is a good reason to wait.  Since Dan, the president, has pertinent info on this transaction, it was agreed to wait for his participation in the next board meeting.
  4. Lot 4 update – lot line adjustment after closing escrow, drainage to be completed by Kaelen Carmen:  There was no report on this item.
  5. Annual meeting debrief:  There were no further comments on this, though it was suggested that Dan Rosenberg share a link for the part of the meeting that was taped/recorded.  It would be helpful for those who missed the summary report.
  6. Planning for the future – CDC office building, etc.:  This is where we discussed the lease of an office for Kenny Quigley.  It was agreed that Sandy Chaille (Treasurer) and Donna Henderson (Bookkeeper) discuss timing, and the rental rate.  Kenny Quigley is interested, but others may also be interested.  Kenny Quigley was willing to put up $150 to hold the office for a month.
  7. Site infrastructure update – what remains to be completed:  Dan Rosenberg asked John Reed to prepare a list of what remains to be completed.  Neither were present, so this was moved to the next month’s meeting.
  8. Recruiting organizations to get involved with CDC – how to follow up:  There were suggestions for the one organizational spot on the board:  Scenic ByWay Group, Eastern Madera County Foundation, Coarsegold and the Yosemite Sequoia RC&Ds.  All are interested.  It was suggested that we find out all interested groups and the board will decide who to select.  Regarding the opening for member at large, Wade Wheeler moved, Cathey Thornberg seconded, to appoint Nick DeHart as a member at large.  Motion carried.  This is filling a one year term.
  1. New Business
  1. Sierra Scenic Vista Byway anchor point site:  NOTE:  This item is summarized here, but was moved to the beginning of the meeting.  Doug Waltner, representing the Scenic ByWay and Michael Olwyler presented a request to add the Sierra Scenic ByWay information on the mill site, near the history park (Lot 11).  The board responded favorably to their idea of a kiosk and bulletin board near the current history group’s three interpretive plaques.  They will bring a plan to the board for approval.  It was noted that we are in the process of turning over Lot 11 to the North Fork Boosters.  The concept needs to be approved by the US Forest Service.
  2. Rodent infestation in CDC building:  Donna Henderson brought to the board’s attention, the seriousness of the rodent infestation in the building.  They are entering through woodpecker holes in the exterior and are in the walls.  This is particularly noticeable on the back and sides of the building.  The situation is serious and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Wade Wheeler moved, Sandy Chaille seconded that we get an estimate from Kenny Quigley for 1) plugging holes and covering spaces where needed and 2) replacing the siding completely.  Motion carried.
  3. POA status:  No new news.
  1. Organizational Reports (if time): The Sierra Nevada Conservancy is applying for a grant for 3 segments of the Willow Creek trail and the trail system throughout the area. The Boosters announce upcoming events (Candidates’ night and Loggers Jamboree Kickoff).  There will be a ground breaking ceremony for the housing addition to the fire station.
  2. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Reminder: The next regular CDC


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