CDC October 2023 Meeting Minutes

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Board Meeting
Monday, October 23, 2023
NFCDC Conference Room – 5:30 pm
The CDC’s mission is, “to promote the social, economic
and environmental welfare of North Fork, CA.”
CALL TO ORDER at 5:35pm by Wade Wheeler
Wade Wheeler Donna Henderson Cathey Thornburg Guests:
Tom Wheeler Matt Henderson Cindy Quigley Kathy Ellis
Sandy Chaille Christina McDonald Mary Proper Mike Olwyler
Angeline DeHart Nick DeHart
*Public Comment: none
Additions to the Agenda:
New Business #1 history group C train moving to Lot 8,Children’s Holiday Event
donation request
Approval of the Agenda: Sandy moved to approve agenda with additions, Nick
seconded. Motion carried.
Approval of the Minutes: Mary moved to approve, Sandy seconded. Motion carried.
Financial Reports: Donna – Sandy moved to accept the financial report, Mary
seconded. Motion carried.
Corresponding Secretary/Membership Report: n/a
? NFCP Update: Wade – now acting General, things going well, appears to be on
track to completion
? Facebook Update: Nick – need to do a post of something positive about plant and
perhaps something separate in regards to the positions hiring, emphasize that we
want to hire local. Needs job descriptions. Perhaps a photo of board members in
front of power plant.
? Lot 11 Transfer Update: Jon has paperwork, is gone right now but will return soon.

? Budget Approval: Sandy – presented Yearly Operating Budget/2023 Estimate.
Sandy, Mary. Discussion: Solar is paid off, working on estimates for repair of
broken panels. Sandy – notes that $2,000 to county for loan is not part of operation
budget – should be capital budget
? Signage Update: tabled
? Bylaws Update: Christina – asked about comments she made on the bylaws and
how board wants to proceed I.e. committee or go over first few pages next
? POA Update: CDC is the POA. Need to discuss official “handoff’. Roads need to
be done. Dilemma of not being able to generate enough POA revenue because
there are owners of 6 lots that will be paying dues to deals made that gave credit.
Only 5 lots are paying into the POA.
? Grounds maintenance: Need work on Lots 5, 6,7, 8. Silt pond on Lot 8. A couple
of willows. Wade has a quote from Black Bear Tree Service for approximately
$3200. Kenny is not able to do it. Board agrees to move forward on Black Bear’s
? History Group C-Train: asked about moving to lot 11. Women’s Club also has a
C-Train. Wade suggests consideration of Lot 8 as a spot that both containers and
possible others can put containers. A crane is coming out, so Wade will include the
move of Women’s Club and History Group’s Containers. *Sandy made a motion to
move the two groups’ containers, no cost to the two groups, to Lot 8, Matt
seconded. Motion carried.
? CDC Website: tabled
? Goals:
o New Goal considerations
? Washout of dam: safety, liability and infrastructure issues. Wade has
applied for an SBA loan for repair. FEMA has denied us. It was asked
if repair could be done differently or rerouted. Wade explained that it
would require a new drainage plan and that there is already one in
place with the county.
? Mill Site development
? Items on 2018 could possibly be done in partnership with other
organizations such as Eastern Madera County Foundation
? need to brainstorm
o 2018 Priorities Summary
? downtown parking, sidewalks, lighting, place for community members
and visitors to sit/eat/coffee
? trails for pedestrians, bikes, horses; connecting major activities . such
as mill site, downtown, school, museum, rec center; connection to
larger trail system to Bass and Manzanita Lakes, NFS, and County

? bike/pump track park
? HVAC Proposal: tabled
? Eastern Madera County Foundation: need a North Fork Area Rep; CIndy and Nick
? Social Media
? Children’s Holiday Event donation request: $500 to meet $4500 goal. *Sandy moved to
donate $500, Mary seconded. Motion Carried.
Organization Reports: Chili cook-off was successful. Grizzly was successful with more
riders this year, good food vendors and met donations goal with proceeds going to the
Scenic Byway. Christmas Bazaar is coming up. Corn hole postponed and TBD. North Fork
School Fall Festival and Mountain Oaks Masquerade are this Friday.
Adjournment: Nick motioned to adjourn, Cindy seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:00p
Next Board Meeting: Monday, November 27, 2023, at North Fork CDC conference room.
*Public Comment: The first 15 minutes of each regular meeting is set aside for members of
the public to comment on any item within the jurisdiction of the CDC Board, but not
appearing on the agenda. Items presented under public comment may not be discussed or
acted upon by the Board at this time. For items appearing on the agenda, the public is
invited to comment at the time the time is called for consideration by the Board. Any person
addressing the Board under public comment will be limited to a 3-minute presentation to
ensure that all interested parties have an opportunity to speak. Also, all persons addressing
the Board must state their name and address for the record.

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