July 24, 2023 Board Minutes



Board Meeting Monday, July 24, 2023

NFCDC Conference Room – 5:30 pm


The CDC’s mission is, “to promote the social, economic and environmental welfare of North Fork, CA.”




  • Wade Wheeler Cathey Thornburg
  • Matt Henderson Jean Russell
  • Christina McDonald Jennifer Casner
  • Marcie Favelo 

*Public Comment: 

Michael Olwyler and Connie Popelish asked to be added to the CDC Board email list.  Wade agreed to add them.

Additions to the Agenda: Items identified after preparation of the agenda for which there is a need to take immediate action. Two-thirds vote required for consideration. No further additions.

Approval of the Agenda: Cathey made a motion, Matt seconded. Motion carried.

Approval of the Minutes: 

  • June 12 – Christina made a motion, Cathey seconded. Motion carried.
  • June 26 – Jean made a motion, Cathey seconded. Motion carried.

Financial Reports: Donna agreed to send Wade and Christina the amortization log for the Madera County Brownsfield loan. Wade did not think we were being charged interest but Donna reported interest payments of about 10%. Donna also reported that she will be meeting with the CDC’s CPA soon to review our balance sheet.

Corresponding Secretary/Membership Report: Nothing to report.


    • NFCP Update- Wade reports “the status quo” for the power plant. The construction should be completed in 7-8 weeks. He also reported that a meeting of all involved parties occurred last week for 2 full days, 7/17-18.
    • Facebook Update: Nick was not present to report the current status. 
    • Lot Line Adjustments, Transfer Updates and Escrow Status: Everything is out of escrow. John Reed needs information from the Boosters to allow him to finalize the Lot #1 transfer. Cathey agreed to resend the information.
    • Lawsuit Updates: There was a hearing scheduled last week on 7/18 which resulted in an extension to 8/10 with nothing, as yet, resolved.
  • Budget Approval: Tabled for next meeting.
  • Infrastructure Completion Plans (Roads)
    • RFP for roads: The County accepted all engineering plans for the roads.  The RFP is ready to be sent out for bids. It will be sent to 5 companies: Sage Engineering, Faysal Construction, California Paving, Precision Paving 
  • POA Discussion: Wade agreed to add the POA members to our CDC mailing list. We want to invite them to our monthly meetings and Wade reported that the POA has shown interest in strengthening our interactions. Wade explained that he would like them to meet separately before or after our meeting with the hope that the CDC would have a representative attend their meeting and they would have a representative attend ours.
  • Utilities, rental costs, grounds maintenance: Wade reported that he approached Kenny Quigley about becoming our grounds maintenance contractor and Kenny confirmed his interest.  Matt reported that he has continued his discussions with G.S. West about providing a new propane tank to serve the CDC office. They quoted a price of $3.05/gallon versus the $5.30/gallon we have been paying Ferrellgas. The board asked Matt, as an alternate option, to see if Ferrellgas might reduce their price given this large discrepancy. Matt agreed. Jennifer made a motion to switch to G.S. West and spend up to $500 to have a trench dug from the Ferrellgas tank to the new G.S. West tank location closer to the CDC office (if an agreement with Ferrellgas for better pricing is not successful).  This motion was not acted upon. Matt discussed the office space rental situation at the CDC office. He reported that we are charging approximately $1.45/SF for rental space (including all utilities) and collecting approximately $28,185/year in rent.  The concern is that the current renters are not being charged uniformly.

New Business

  • Bylaws:  Wade expressed concern that our bylaws are out of date. In particular, the list of potential CDC Organizational Members list needs updating. Jennifer and Christina agreed to review the bylaws and bring suggestions for updates to our next meeting with the goal of preparing a draft by October and a final revision by our November meeting. They also agreed to prepare a list of overall goals for the CDC including ideas for a top priority project for downtown North Fork.

  • Social Media: Wade expressed his desire to promote the CDC in our community by sponsoring events, tours and signage.  Some members of the board thought that it might be a bit early to invite the public until we have established our new overall CDC goals. For signage, Jean agreed to investigate site identification signage and Matt agreed to investigate signage displaying the accomplishments and goals for the CDC site with a map and relevant information.

Organization Reports


    • Christina reported that the Indian Museum will be having their annual Powwow on 8/5 & 8/6.

  • Cathey reported that the Boosters will be conducting a fundraiser, Paint at Town Hall, with wine & cheese being served on 8/11 for $50/ticket.

  • Jean reported that the Friends of the Library is having another Yard Sale & Swap Meet at Bandit Town on 8/26.


Topics For Next Meeting: The board agreed to discuss the status and goals for the CDC website at our next meeting.




Next Board Meeting: Monday, August 28, 2023, at North Fork CDC conference room.


*Public Comment: The first 15 minutes of each regular meeting is set aside for members of the public to comment on any item within the jurisdiction of the CDC Board, but not appearing on the agenda. Items presented under public comment may not be discussed or acted upon by the Board at this time. For items appearing on the agenda, the public is invited to comment at the time the time is called for consideration by the Board. Any person addressing the Board under public comment will be limited to a 3-minute presentation to ensure that all interested parties have an opportunity to speak. Also, all persons addressing the Board must state their name and address for the record.

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