CDC Annual Meeting-March 20, 2023 Minutes

NF CDC Board Meeting
March 20, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.
North Fork Community Development Council

North Fork Rancheria Community Center, 56900 Kunugib Way, North Fork


1. Call to Order: The March NF CDC Board Meeting was called to order by the
President, Dan Rosenberg at 6:55 p.m.
Present were: Christina McDonald, Mary Proper, Cathey Thornburg, Nick DeHart,
Cindy Quigley, Barbara Colliander, Jean Russell, Sandy Chaille, Angeline DeHart,
Wade Wheeler, Dan Rosenberg, and, by zoom, Tom Wheeler. A quorum was
2. Additions to the Agenda: No additions to the agenda.
3. Approval of the Agenda: Sandy Chaille moved, Cathey Thornburg seconded, to
approve the agenda. Motion carried.
4. Public Comment: None
5. Approval of Minutes of February 27, 2023: The minutes were emailed in advance of
the meeting. Cathey Thornburg moved, Sandy Chaille seconded, to approve
the minutes of the February 27 NF CDC Board Meeting. Motion carried.
6. Financial Report for February 2023: The CDC financial reports were emailed in
advance of the meeting. POA reports are no longer sent to this board, but rather to
the POA. Donna Henderson was not present, but can be contacted if there are
questions. Sandy Chaille moved, Nick DeHart seconded, to accept the February
2023 financial report for the CDC. Motion carried.
7. Corresponding Secretary – none/Membership Report – Donna Henderson was not
present, but will give a report next month.
Discussion and Action Items
Old Business
8. Biomass plant—update: Wade Wheeler gave an update. “Things are happening”.
They are still looking for funding. The plant will be hiring employees and will focus
on the North Fork community as much as possible. They anticipate starting
operating this year!
9. Legal advice re: NFCP bankruptcy: There is a bankruptcy proceeding in progress.
The CDC now has a holding company as an LLC, which may have a 36% equity (still
resulting in zero profits). In the meantime, the NFCP and individuals have been
sued. Dan Rosenberg is meeting with lawyers regarding this action. Our CDC
“directors and officers” policy provides protection against lawsuits. More information
is forthcoming.
10. Lot sales update: No new activity. There are 3 lots left plus the CDC office.
11. Site infrastructure update: John Reed was not present to report.

12. Rodent infestation in CDC building – siding replacement bid from Ron Woodman,
rats and mice in kitchen, cost for tenting: Donna Henderson was not present to
report. The President will check with her regarding Ron Woodman, for a future
13. Office rental status: Office #4 ($140/mo.) available to rent. Nick DeHart will set up a
new Facebook account for the CDC to advertise. Nick will also help finetune the
CDC website. We can then advertise on these platforms.
14. Property Owner’s Association update: The POA is in operation. They have officers,
are looking at fees, and have determined that Lot 11 (being transferred to Boosters)
is exempt from POA fees.
15. Set date, intent and agenda for “What’s Next” meeting after Annual Meeting. Review
previous community suggestions:
The CDC Board will partner with other interested organizations, to determine
resources for projects. It was suggested that we determine the “umbrella” under
which we make decisions. The NF CDC mission statement is sufficient. A facilitator
for this process would be helpful. Both Christina McDonald and Jean Russell knew
of someone; they will check to see if that person is available.
New Business
16. Annual meeting debriefing: More people would have been nice. Pizza good.
17. Board member elections: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer: The
following people were elected as NF CDC officers. They will take office at the end of
this meeting.
? President: Wade Wheeler
? Vice President: Tom Wheeler
? Secretary: Angeline DeHart
? Treasurer: Sandy Chaille

Organizational Reports (if time): Citizen of the Year dinner on March 25 th (Boosters)
Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.
Submitted by
Barbara Colliander, Secretary
Reminder:  The next regular CDC board meeting is scheduled for April 24 th at 5:30.

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