CDC Board Meeting Minutes 8/22/22

North Fork Community Development Council

Minutes of Board Meeting – August 22, 2022

5:30 p.m. via Zoom


  1. Call to Order: The August 22, 2022 meeting of the NFCDC was called to order by Vice President Maryanne Welton at 5:33 p.m.  Present:  Maryanne Welton, Matt Henderson, Christina McDonald, Nick DeHart, Cathey Thornberg, Sandy Chaille, Barbara Colliander, Jean Russell, Wade Wheeler, Angeline DeHart.   A quorum was present.  Guests:  Paul McGroary, Donna Henderson, Michael Olwyler, Fred Biehn.


  1. Additions to the Agenda: None.


  1. Approval of the Agenda: Sandy Chaille moved, Matt Henderson seconded, to approve the agenda.      Motion carried.


  1. Public Comment: Michael Olwyler thanked the CDC for their donation for the planning grant for the community trails.


  1. Approval of Minutes of July 25, 2022: Wade Wheeler moved, Sandy Chaille seconded, to approve the minutes of the July 25th meeting.  Motion carried.


  1. 6. Financial Report for July 2022: Sent by email from Donna and added to website.  POA bills for Lots 2, 3, 4 were questioned.  We will wait until the lot sales are settled and receive an updated financia report.


  1. Membership Report – Donna Henderson. Bills have been sent to those organizations and members at large who need to pay.


  1. Discussion and Action Items
  2. Old Business
  3. i. Biomass plant—update:  Wade Wheeler reported on progress.  Some crews have been remobilized and are working.


  1. Outlot B sale – update from John. No report.


iii.          Lot sales update – Lot 4 drainage to be completed by Kaelen Carmen.  Lots 9 and 10 escrow will be closed.  Lots 2, 3, and 4 escrow Ok but need lot line adjustment.  No report.


  1. Potential CDC office building sale. John received rental rates from Donna.  No report.


  1. Site infrastructure update – John will prepare list of remaining items to be completed and potential costs. No report.


  1. Rodent infestation in CDC building: Donna Henderson is working on finding a company to take care of the rodent infestation.  Matt Henderson has a couple groups providing estimates.


vii.         Fire safety at CDC building – proposal from Sierra Pest Control approved:  This work is completed.  A couple piles need to be removed by another group.


viii.         Office rental status and next steps.  YSRANDD vacated offices.  Central Sierra rented office 8.  Update from Angeline and Jen on Facebook posting can be done.  Offices 4 and 5 have been vacated, but there is a mess left.  Sandy Chaille will talk with Erin Capuchino to see what is happening.  She will get keys form Erin on the 31st.


  1. Lot 11 transfer to Boosters – POA fees update: Wade Wheeler indicated that there has been discussion on the POA fees (do they pay or not?).  We will wait for John Reed to update us.  Wade Wheeler moved, Sandy Chaille seconded, that the transfer of Lot 11 to the Boosters will include payment by the Boosters for the property taxes and insurance, but will not include membership to the POA and POA fees.  Motion carried.  There were comments that the CC&Rs, when developed, may affect them


  1. POA status: Dan Rosenberg was not present to give report.


  1. Social media manager: Dan Rosenberg requested someone to handle the following tasks.

-Post minutes and other documents on Google Drive

-Post links to these documents on the cdc website

-Make a Facebook post every time we post on the website

Donna Henderson will take this on, but will need to bill her time to us.


xii.         Volunteer coordinator:  No action.


xiii.         Walking Shield Meeting Rescheduled?  Fred Biehn wants to schedule a meeting with the Walking Shield organization.  August 31 was selected


  1. New Business
  2. Maryanne gone for September meeting. Need someone to prepare and post agenda.  She will check with Dan to see if he can do it.


  1. Organizational Reports (if time)


  1. Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:25 p.m.


Submitted by Barbara Colliander, Secretary


Attendance. P = present


Name June July August Sept Oct Nov
Dan Rosenberg (at large)   P        
Maryanne Weltton (at large) P P P      
Barb Colliander (at large) P P P      
Sandy Chaille (nfvfda) P P P      
Christina McDonald/MaryAnn McGovran (tribe) P P P      
Mary Proper/Marcie Favelo (nfwc)            
Matt Henderson (at large) P P P      
Angeline DeHart/ClaudiaVanDenBerg (cusd) P   P      
Cathey Thornburg (nfb) P P P      
Nick DeHart (at large) P   P      
Jen Casner (nfcoc) P          
Wade Wheeler (at large)   P        
Jean Russell (nffol)   P        



Reminder:  The next regular CDC board meeting will be on September 26, 2022, at 5:30.



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